Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ann Nocenti talks about her new book, "Katana"

I'm going to buy the first few issues of DC's new title Katana (on Comixology, of course) because I've always liked this character.  Also, I live in Japan, so there's that connection.  I like to read American comics to see how they treat Japanese culture and what elements they're keying on.  Sometimes the results are pretty amusing!

People are already ragging on Ann Nocenti's writing, which isn't really fair.  But this is comics fandom, where fair, open-minded and easy-going have no place.  Alex Sanchez's art looks enticing.  I'm anxious to see if it holds up over the course of an issue with actual story sequences and panel-to-panel transitions and all that good stuff is involved.

If nothing else, I'll get some good essay fodder for this blog!

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