Thursday, June 20, 2013

They found some unpublished Osamu Tezuka art and stories...

This is a pretty big deal.  Osamu Tezuka is probably the single most influential comic book creator bar none. In comic book terms, finding unpublished works by the "God of Manga" is the equivalent of finding a Leonardo DaVinci notebook.  Some of the pages remain unfinished, but it's still charming, vigorous work.  If you follow the link to the Asahi Shimbun main site you can read about the find in detail, but they limit how many articles you can read each month without paying for a subscription.  In lieu of that just check out the pics on the page I've linked you to and marvel at just how good this guy was in his very early twenties-- a heck of a lot better than I am now at more than twice that age!

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